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Your Merchandising Crew



Chemin de Pra-Forny 21

1091 Aran




Chemin de Mongevon 30

1023 Crissier



Who We Are​

Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, our main activity is to organize the sale of derived products during concerts.

Ludovic Siffre


Ludovic Siffre has 20 years of experience in merchandising and in the show business through the French company Flight Charmandising created with three other partners in 1994 and sold to Universal France in 2008.

Daniel Terreneuve

Partner / Director of Esprit Scene

Daniel Terreneuve has 20 years of experience in merchandising through his position as sales manager for the merchandising company Flight Charmandising.

Your Merchandising Crew is partnered with the French company Esprit Scène and its director Daniel Terreneuve. This association allows us and our customers to be able to operate our business in both the euro and non-euro area in Europe.


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