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Supplementary to the "accessory" revenues, sometimes managed in a vague manner, the sales of derivative products has, in recent years, become a real profession. It was able to structure and develop control measures in order to build trust at all levels of chain.


Hence, the share of revenue which is generated by sales of derivative products is an integral part of the financing plans for concerts, festivals and other such shows.


We make our experience available to clients organizing shows.


  • Advice for the design of the product range.


  • Advice to assess the potential of an event.


  • Advice to determine the adequate sales price and production quantities.


  • Competence and motivation of the customer facing teams.


  • Strengthening of internal control processes.


  • Respect of the goods entrusted by the client.


  • Serious counts and records of accounts.


  • Respect of the public.


  • T-Shirt

  • Caps

  • Sweaters

  • etc.





Silkscreen printing on all materials.

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